Checklist of how your CV Should look

Checklist of how your CV Should look

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During my time at Citizen Recruitment I have seen many kinds of weird and wonderful CVs, some creative, some clever and some just darn right awful.

A CV needs to look presentable and be easy to navigate and read. There is nothing worse than a potential employer/agency struggling to read your CV, after all your CV is their first impressions of you… make it count.

The layout of your CV is extremely important and is something that is overlooked by a large majority of job seekers.
I have put together a checklist to assist you in creating your perfect CV:



· Start off with your name, address and contact details at the top

– After all this is how the potential employer will contact you so don’t make them work to find your details


· Set correct spacing between paragraphs/different jobs you have worked

– Don’t bunch everything up or put it to far apart keep it neat and presentable


· Bullet point all of your qualifications and skills together at the top of your CV

– Use the top of your CV as a showcase of what you have achieved/can do, then go into detail later on in your CV


· Make sure you go into a good bit of detail about how you performed your job role for every job you have worked

– This is very important, if you don’t go into enough detail it can leave a potential employer/agency second guessing whether you can do the job you’re applying for


· Choose a font and text colour that is simple and easy to read

– It is important to keep your CV presentable and readable to everyone who sets their eyes on it, so don’t overcomplicate it


· Lastly… Keep it simple!– Don’t go overboard on different formatting/colours/borders etc

– Put the time and effort into describing and selling yourself as apposed to making the surroundings of your CV look pretty. And there you have it, some simple steps to follow when creating your CV. Do not forget keywords if you work in Food Manufacturing add your industry to the CV



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