Challenging Jobs in Recruitment

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Challenging Jobs in Recruitment

Here at Citizen we pride ourselves on the speed of response and the quality of our candidates we provide on a daily basis. We are immensely determined to provide our clients with the best quality candidates possible at all times and have a committed team willing to do whatever it takes to ensure this happens.

Even the diligent team at Citizen can struggle to provide this type of service at all times. There are some instances where the location of the client and the buoyancy of the market limit how much we can do. For example we have a few roles at the moment based in good old sunny Anglesey. This as a location can prove very difficult to source the high quality candidates we are so used to delivering. The location alone cuts the amount of quality C.Vs we can access in half which makes it all the more difficult to recruit for. Luckily we can tap into numerous job boards and our own personal database for suitable candidates.

Instead of seeing the location as a negative thing, we see this as a motivator, a challenge, a reason to come into work earlier and to continue working when at home. Whenever we get a challenging role we automatically become more determined to fill it, this is what makes us different from the rest.

We often thrive on the roles that are more specialist and require a lot more work to find the exact candidate the client needs. It gives us that little bit more satisfaction when we are able to fill it and fill it to the best of our ability.

So If you have a challenging role that your PSL and countless other agencies cannot fill, give citizen a call… you would be silly not to.

Adam Rutherford
Citizen Recruitment


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