Candidate CV Advice – My Initial Take

Candidate CV Advice – My Initial Take

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During my first two weeks with Citizen I have been mainly working on identifying relevant and strong CVs. The ones that stand out are the simplest ones, making it easy to read and follow is the best thing that you can do to stand out. If within two minutes of reading your CV if its noticeable and clear then you are more likely to get recognised for your experience.

The Key points I would like to make are:

·         Chronologically ordered

From the top of your career history section make sure that you start with your most up to date roles. You could be applying for the field that you’re currently working in, make that the first thing that potential employers see. Also with the dates of start and end where applicable.

·         Clarity

All of your roles should start with the date, followed by the company that you’ve worked for and then your position. This makes an easy distinction of you the environment that you worked in and how relevant your experience is. Also if you list your employer other companies know each other and they will know the sort of background and standard of that site.

·         Proof Read

I know that this sounds trivial but the simplest things can sound good in the initial writing or look correct but when you talk about your competency and spell it compatancy it can make a huge difference. Remember to use spell check for mistakes and to check your grammar. And remember that it doesn’t always pick them up, I had to re-write several sentences in this document.
That’s the best information I can give with looking at CV’s for the last two weeks, it all may sound trivial to some but I hope it helps.


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