The Big CV Gap Theory – How to Fill in Possible CV Gaps and Shine


Your Curriculum vitae is the window to your professional life. It gives potential employers insight into your corporate world and highlights how worthwhile a candidate you are. More often than not, there may be gaps in your CV that hinder job acquisition, perhaps in the food and beverage-manufacturing sector. When in an interview, employers will ask about any possible CV gaps. Fortunately, you can fill any possible gaps in your CV and shine – here is how.

Be Honest

Truth be told, most employers will see through you and are going to brainstorm multiple scenarios why there are gaps. Rather than leave it to their imagination, be honest about why gaps exist. For example, if you want a job in the food and beverage-manufacturing sector, let them know that you took time off because you were not sure about a switch. In fact, let them know that you wanted to retrain yourself to suit a different industry. For example, you may have acquired training from a training company to ensure you could play a more vital role within an already fussy industry; food manufacturing.

Showcase Your Gains during the Gap(s)

When I say be honest, I do mean it. Unfortunately, many employers may still not believe you or may think it was a waste of time. As such, ensure that you tell the truth and state your gains during the gap period. Using the food and beverage-manufacturing sector example, if you took time off to think about a career switch, or perhaps retraining, state all that you found out about the food and beverage-manufacturing sector.

State all that you learnt intellectually and the skills you acquired that will make you the perfect candidate for the position you are applying for. As such, you are portrayed as a driven individual who makes good use of their time – turning a gap into a strength.

Volunteer instead of Sit Idle

If you wish to take time off from work because of any personal or professional issues, you are always free to do so. However, rather than sit idle, we recommend that you put in a smidge of effort and volunteer somewhere. For example, if you want a job in the food and beverage-manufacturing sector, volunteer work can provide valuable insight into the use of various products and how consumers interact with them. This knowledge, if passed to an employer during employment can be very valuable.

As such, not only can you state that you acquired valuable skills and expertise; you can state how you gave back to your community and can make a difference to your employer. In fact, it will also make you feel really good about yourself and do wonders for your confidence and internal motivation.

If there are gaps in your CV, then there are definitely ways to cover them up. Whether you turn your gap into a strength or whether you are simply honest and hope your employer appreciates your talents more, you can still shine, despite gaps in your CV. Of course, make sure you plan beforehand and play a myriad of scenarios in your mind before you give a job interview, even in the food and beverage-manufacturing sector.

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