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Basic Skills You Should Be Adding to Your CV

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Your CV may have some sought after skills that employers are looking for, but chances are, so do the rest of the pile of resumes on their desks. There are certain easily attainable skills and licenses you can include in your resume quite easily which serve to give you a nice edge in an interview.

1.   Start a Blog

Starting your own blog is the easiest thing to do and can be a valuable skill to show an employer your writing skills and knowledge and interest in certain subjects. Once your blog is up and running, fill it with interesting, well-written and intelligent articles about things that interest you and highlight your strengths and talents, and include a link to it in your resume. You can use Blogger, twitter and WordPress to host your blog for free, and make sure it is well-written and professional to really make your CV shine. I post all my blog information and careers advice on Twitter

2.   Get a commercial driving license

You probably already have a regular driving license, but obtaining a commercial license is a valuable skill to add to your CV. With a CDL you can drive commercial vehicles like trucks, buses and company vans and any employer will see this as a definite plus point. It also shows the employer that you have taken the time to learn a very useful skill that might benefit their business. You can easily get a CDL by studying and taking practice tests online for free, and then taking the CDL exam once you’re prepared.

3.   Get a first aid certification

A first aid certification on your CV is a great way to show your future employer that you like to learn valuable skills to ensure the safety of those around you. Many companies prefer and even require their employees to have this training. The American Red Cross website is a great place to start looking for a class near you, or you could easily find an online course either free or extremely cheap.

4.   Learn to use Microsoft products

Adding this skill is a great asset if you are going for an office-based administrative job. Employers will be more likely to give you preference since they don’t have to especially train you. Microsoft provides training programs that will earn you a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. You can choose which particular tools you want to specialize in and although there is a charge for the certification, it is a good investment considering the benefits to your resume.

Whether you’re currently job hunting, or are unhappily employed and looking to switch, these valuable skills and certificates will help you fluff up your resume and impress any interview committee into considering you for your desired position.

Tom Brunt

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