Are You Ready For A More Social Recruitment Process?

Are You Ready For A More Social Recruitment Process?

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The Evolution of the Interview! 
Are You Ready For A More Social Recruitment Process?

These days, there is so much more to job hunting than keeping your CVs updated and applying feverishly to one job after another. Today’s candidates happen to be much more passive, using tools like LinkedIn to ensure that recruiters and managers contact them when in need.

This year, we expect more companies to start favouring the new form of CV when looking for prospective employees. And this unconventional hiring method has been touted to reveal the true talents of a candidate and tell if hiring them will be favourable for the long-term.

Your Social Media is the New CV!

The surprising thing is that all of us are so committed to being online, but many still haven’t realised the importance of a professional social media strategy for an exciting career.

The fact is that companies find it easier to locate interesting candidates on social media. They are looking at your profiles, pages and bio online RIGHT NOW! Go ahead and search for Tom Burnt (me!) on Google. You will get quick and complete access to my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.

Now if I was going for an interview, I am quite sure my prospective employers would also do this quick search to find out what I am all about, the kind of person I am, and other details such as my hobbies, interests.

What It Means for Today’s Job Seekers

It only takes a few clicks for your interviewers to find out some interesting things about you. So do you think your social media presence shows you off in a good light or are some things on there that have the potential to harm your job search efforts?

This question is aimed specifically at recent graduates!

Party time is over you guys and now you are stepping into the real world. Clean up your social media pages of all the things that can embarrass you and come to bite you during an interview. What you said on Twitter last week can significantly harm your recruitment process. So beware.

Search for yourself on Google, review privacy settings for your profiles, and showcase your talents to buff up your social media accounts for a job search that ends well. Let your online presence tell the world about your skills, talents and history. Also make sure that you keep good company online, because organisations these days look for employees with a strong social capital i.e. a wide range of people you know and networks you belong with.

Tom Brunt

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