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Are you Missing Out on LinkedIn?

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Do you feel you should be more in tune with what LinkedIn has to offer? Have you ever felt like you are missing out on potential job opportunities or business prospects just because you do not know the right online forums in your industry?

People I speak to feel like there is so much involved in LinkedIn that they do not have the spare time to invest in it and its falls to the way side. Time is valuable and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, so why spend your time on something you do not fully understand? Well, if you ask me, LinkedIn is worth your time. It is not that hard to get in to and once you get in you are sure to never want to turn back.

According a recent survey I ran for Citizen Recruitment for senior manufacturing candidates, around 90% of the people surveyed had accounts on LinkedIn. What was fascinating in this context was the number of people having an account on LinkedIn weren’t your normal everyday users of social media. They were qualified individuals, technology savvy people who liked to stay well connected. While there are a large number of people who are well educated that have accounts on LinkedIn, around half of these people confessed to not having it used too much in recent times.

This is an alarmingly large number of people and goes to show that as helpful as it may be for us, LinkedIn’s message has not really reached everyone yet. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for business networking. It is not your usual run of the mill social media site, and there is no reason that you and the rest of your colleagues or job seeking and professionally fulfilled freinds shouldn’t have an account on LinkedIn. An effective way to use LinkedIn is to check it once or twice every week for any new development (or in my case every hour).

The number of people who have kept away from LinkedIn and those who aren’t joining it enthusiastically are unaware of the benefits this networking site has to offer. In their defense, it is because the benefits of LinkedIn aren’t that obvious as opposed to Facebook for example. Facebook is marketed as a way to meet your friends and family that you wouldn’t be able to meet as easily. Be it status updates, latest posts or pictures, the idea of connecting with their distant and immediate family who live far away is what is driving the surge in the number of 50 and above year old people flocking to Facebook.

On the other hand, LinkedIn can be termed as the Facebook of your professional life. LinkedIn is your online resume. It acts as your visiting card and sits at one of the leading social networking sites for professionals. If you aren’t looking for a job, you can still use the account to increase your business relations and contacts within your market and field of work.

The question of whether you are missing out on LinkedIn is one that you should answer. I can only suggest that LinkedIn is the stepping stone in your professional career that can take you to the heights of success.

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