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A Guide to Job Interviews

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Looking for a new job? Here is a quick guide to all you need to know about job interviews.

Things to Consider before an Interview

Before you attend an interview for a new job, here is what you need to consider:

Job Details and the Prerequisite Criteria

Do you know the details about job have you read the advert and happy with the financial information and or hours of work?! Do you meet the necessary criteria to fulfil the position?

This is all information that you will need and its absolutely essential for you to know this if you are lucky to get to the first stage of the interview process.
If you are applying for the role through a job board then hopefully the position and the benefit information will be listed in detail or if it is advertised via a recruitment consultancy then ask them the questions (which they should have already given you!)

Whatever you do, DO NOT ASK THE INTERVIERWER what the company does.. It shows that you have done no research and have not made any effort. No Effort No Job.


In the case that the salary does not meet your expectation, you need to consider whether the company provides a yearly pay raise to its employees. When is the annual increase? Do you match the salary band on offer? If there is a salary in the advert then that much be what the company has budgeted.. There may be a bit of flexibility in this depending on the role and company but if you need mega bucks more than what they are paying should you really apply for it? Taking the job in spite of a low salary may depend upon the growth and development of the company within its particular industry, as well as your own interests. Consider the relevancy of the job to your field, as well as the work environment.

Location of the Job

Consider the placement of the workplace from your home. Can you easily make the commute on a daily basis? Think about petrol / transport costs. The vast majority of our candidates think they travel too much (unless they are lucky and work on their doorstep)

Making Preparations for the Interview

To prepare for the interview, consider the following points:
·         Find out where you are supposed to go and plan your route before leaving your house. Do a dummy run to the interview location at the same time of day you have the interview to guage traffic.
·         Perform research about the company and its particular industry so that you will have something to talk about at the interview. Visit there web site.
·         Practice answers to some of the most commonly asked interview questions so that you will not be at a loss for words later.
·         Present yourself in a well-dressed and professional manner.
·         Ask questions regarding any queries that you have to eliminate any confusions later on.

At the Time of the Interview

Use these tips to ensure a smooth and successful interview:
·         Shake hands firmly with your interviewer. No fist bumps or high fives!
·         Sit comfortably and do not fidget or have a closed posture.
·         Look the interviewer in the eye.
·         Listen carefully to the question that is asked before answering in a complete sentence.
·         Speak with clarity and smile to avoid showing your nervousness.
·         Prepare yourself for unexpected questions and think carefully before answering them.
·         Do not ask about the salary at this stage until discussed by the employer.
·         Give general rather than personal information, unless asked by the interviewer directly.
·         Ask your questions at the end of the interview.

Use this guide to ensure that you are able to present yourself in the best way at your next job interview. Good Luck!

Tom Brunt

Any questions? Ask me on Twitter #askbrunty or email me tbrunt@citizenrecruitment.com6 Tips for a Non-Awkward Salary Negotiation

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