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9 Skype / Video Interview tips

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I’ll cut to the chase. Here’s the 9 Skype and Video Interview tips

1.      Check your stuff works. Camera? Mic? Laptop? Phone? Whatever it is, check it works so that you come across calm, collected, and in control.

2.     Choose the right place to do it. Quiet, plain background, nothing going on around you. The amount of people that interview in their kitchen while their partner is cooking dinner is embarrassing. Stop it.

3.     Dress properly. Should we really need to tell you to smarten up? Video or not, it’s still an interview.

4.     Cheat sheet. Write down everything you want to ask – before the interview. Then, when you are given the chance to ask some questions, glance at your cheat sheet off camera and rhyme them off one by one. It’s not just the recruiter that get’s to ask the questions.

5.     Remember you’re on video. Don’t look away when you’re supposed to be listening. Don’t check your phone. And stop biting your nails!

6.     When you’re done? Send a thank you email. It’s a pleasant way to keep yourself at the forefront of the recruiters mind. Don’t forget that the recruiter has the ear of the client, and their opinion matters just as much as the client’s at the end of this process.

7.     Give it a week, and if you’ve heard nothing, follow up. Don’t be shy about following up. If you can show your recruiter that you are keen for the position, and you’re interested in speeding up the process, this helps everyone involved.

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