5 Questions to Highlight Emotional Intelligence

5 Questions to Highlight Emotional Intelligence


A major part of your company’s culture and future success depends on the people that you employ. The use of informative questions in the interview is an important way to make sure that you hire the correct employees for your organisation. While no two companies have the same culture or way of working, the extent of an employee’s performance is strongly influenced by their emotional intelligence.

Looking for emotional intelligence in candidates is important according to workplace experts. Here is a low-down on the five key questions that help you determine a job applicant’s emotional intelligence in an interview.
1. What are you inspired by and why?

The answer to this question will often highlight the applicant’s ideals or who he or she models themselves on. This response can highlight the person’s personality style and behavioural pattern according to recruitment experts.
2. What would be the top three values of your ideal company?
The key to good employee relations is based on aligned values and trust. This question will highlight the values that the prospective employee might have. This question will often result in the employee’s integrity and honesty being displayed in the answer to the question

3. What if the priorities of the business change, how will you and your team carry out the changed goals?
Very few companies are in the form that they set out to achieve at the very start. Shifting of priorities and changing of goals is a common happening in almost every company. Hence, companies need to look for candidates that are flexible and adaptable in any given situation. The best employee to hire is someone who is motivated, self-aware, and displays empathy.

4. Were you able to make lasting friendships at your other jobs?
Building a relationship is like building a home. The process takes a long time and people who are able to forge strong relationships have solid emotional intelligence

5. What skills do you feel you lack in?
As long as the desire to learn and grow continues inside a person, they continue to move ahead in life. The desire of wanting to improve and learn is what drives a prospective employee forward. People who have issues answering this question or believe in themselves being perfect are the people that you need to stay away from

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