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12 Pieces of GREAT Career Advice

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There are plenty of career advice snippets out on the web, but here are a few pieces of unique career advice that nobody ever mentioned.

1. Do not overload yourself – Do not get too busy, smart people fail because they already have taken on too much. If you appear stressed people up in the food chain will think that you are not ready to take more.

2. Go on nights outIn a new job, accept those first few invitations to lunch or happy hours that will make you close to the inner circle of the organisation.

3. Seek out tasks that aren’t directly assignedIt takes a lot more to deliver value to the company that wasn’t assigned or even thought of. So go for those assignments.

4. Show other people that they are a priority to you show your colleagues that they matter to you. Never turn down their phone calls and text. It will leave a bad impression of you on them.

5. Go out of your ways to help othersHelp others even if there is no direct benefit to you. It takes so little energy to answer questions, provide referrals, open doors etc. Your effort will be rewarded in future.

6. Keep in touch with old colleaguesNever burn bridges and never bad mouth previous colleagues

7. Understand your weaknessThe weakness you are unaware of is your blind spot. You must try to discover them and overcome those weaknesses.

8. Learn from those around youWhen you want to learn some new skills look around for someone who is already good at it.

9. Take the pressure off your bossAsk your boss if he is facing any difficulty in anyway and assist where possible.

10. Practice gratitudeEntitlement is a career killer. Focus on staying grateful and working hard rather than feeling that things are owed to you.

11. Don’t get caught up in getting ahead.Don’t just look up — look laterally as well, because people with diverse experience usually progress faster than people with more experience.

12. Find ways to improve workflowTry to make the next person’s job down the line easier. For example, if you are working on a project that goes through different hands, see what kinds of things you can do on your end that will make the process flow easier for the next person who performs the next step.

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