11 Sloppy LinkedIn Mistakes That You’re Too Qualified to Make

11 Sloppy LinkedIn Mistakes That You’re Too Qualified to Make

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A LinkedIn profile is the best opportunity to hit the global job market. So your LinkedIn profile should be typo free, it should have a decent photograph of you and proper set of skills and experience avoiding LinkedIn Mistakes.

When 11 entrepreneurs and members of YEC were asked for their professional suggestions about improving LinkedIn here is what one should avoid:

1. Not Having Enough Recommendations

Recommendations are similar to reviews for a product for online shopping. So it is good to have recommendation to show credibility. Send your past colleagues and clients / customers a recommendation request and make sure they can give a unique and specific recommendation.

2. Being Inconsistent

50% of the LinkedIn profiles are inconsistent in employment dates and job titles. If you are applying for a position, make sure that your profile is free of inconsistencies and stays in line with your CV.

3. Sharing Too Much or Not Enough Information

Some people simply don’t include anything—just a job title —while others have profiles that seem to go on for 10 pages. Be moderate while sharing your information. Find a happy medium between under- and over-sharing.

4. Using a Bad Photo or None at All

Not having a photo or using a low-quality one on LinkedIn is disadvantageous. A job seeker will make an impression with employers if he/she has a professional, high-quality photo. So, Get dressed up and hire a good photographer or ask a friend with a good quality camera.

5. Making Vague Claims of Expertise

Do not make vague claims of technical expertise that aren’t backed up by any evidence. If you claim to have packaging machinery experience, give examples.

6. Having Too Few Connections

If you worked at a company or on a project before, surely somebody would remember you as having been part of their team. Should nobody care to connect with you on LinkedIn, or should you have a small network, this leaves a lot of question marks – GET CONNECTING!

7. Having Worthless Endorsements

Recommendations that don’t say anything about you, are worthless. “She is great” or “I recommend him” are not going to help you. Ask them for more context even make it easy for them and tell them what to put (or write it for them)

8. Not Showing Who You Really Are

A lot of job candidates look at their LinkedIn profile as an online copy of their resume. Candidate should use this platform as an extension of their resume, and take the opportunity. Give potential employers an idea of who you really are beyond a set of skills.

9. Making it Unprofessional

Mixing work and personal information on your LinkedIn profile appears less professional. Present your best, most professional side in every aspect of your profile.

10. Not Catching Typos

There’s nothing worse than a profile with a typo. It’s critical to show your future employer you are meticulous and diligent in all things—first and foremost, how you present yourself. Copy the text into a Word document first to spell check it then put it onto your LinkedIn profile.

11. Not Describing Your Past Roles

Leaving past experience description blank, is the biggest mistake you can make while making LinkedIn profile. While it’s useful to see that someone was a Summer Associate at XYZ Engineering, it doesn’t tell anything about what he did, what kind of projects he worked on, and what outcomes he was responsible for. Don’t write a novel, but make sure it’s easy for an outsider to understand.


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